Website Audit:

With in-depth SEO Audit, Our SEO service Experts will find out the issues and fix all the SEO errors for better crawling. After analyzing, we’ll tell you why your website is not ranking well

Competitive Analysis:

To make any business successful, it’s necessary to find out who your competitors are and what they are doing. In SEO, a lot of businesses trying to rank on multiple keywords. We will analyze your competitors and find out their weaknesses and find new opportunities to rank your business.

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Keyword Research & Targeting:

Whenever someone trying to find out anything online, he/she enter specific words on Google. These terms are called “Keywords”. In order to enhance the search engine visibility of your website, you need to understand what specific keywords people are trying to find out your business. We’re offering the perfect SEO service with massive SEO strategy to do in-depth keyword research for your business. So, choosing the right keywords for your brand is the perfect SEO strategy. We’ll choose the best High Volume and Low Competition keywords to rank your business easily with high potential traffic. Now there are lots of chances you’re your traffic will convert into potential buyers. Keyword Research is the first & most important part of SEO to increase your ranking in Google SERP’s.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO Service is the most important part of SEO. We have a list of 35 factors to make your website according to Google webmaster guidelines for better ranking. We’ll make your website search engine friendly and Optimize your website with the best keywords. We do proper keyword research and find out the best keywords to rank your business on top of SERP.

Link Building:

Link Building also was known as Off-Page SEO service is another important part of SEO. We’ll link your website from high authority and trustworthy websites to build the authority of your website. You’ll also get traffic from that relevant source.

Technical SEO Service:

Technical SEO is a rapidly growing type of SEO. Now, Google announced strict guidelines for website technical SEO. Google said itself; your website must be mobile-friendly, it means your website must load perfectly on laptop, mobile and desktop. Second most important factor according to Google is page load speed. Google said, your website must be load within 3 or fewer seconds, otherwise Google will give you a penalty. Your website must be functional and easy to use without confusing your user. Your website must be secure, means your website must have an SSL certificate. It plays a huge role on the crawling, indexing and ranking of your website. Don’t worry! We can make your website according to Google webmaster guidelines for top ranking on Google SERP’s.

Monthly Reporting:

It’s necessary to communicate with our clients and aware of them what we are doing. So, we’ll give you a complete monthly report about the progress of your website and the detail what we’ve done yet. It will help clients to know they have chosen the best SEO service, providers.

Local SEO Service

Google Penalty Recovery:

No doubt! It’s a difficult process to set back the penalized website, but we can do this for you in cost-effective price. Google penalize those websites who are spammy backlink profile or violate Google webmaster guidelines.

What is SEO and SEO Types?

To rank any website, Google has more than 200 ranking factors. After checking these factors Google analyzes which website should be on top in SERP. This takes effort & time as well as proper strategy & planning.

There are a total of ten positions available for every search result page of Google. Google analyzes the different websites with its different formulas & algorithms and then give the ranking to any website. After that, if some websites are relying on the proper guideline of Google, it will show on the first page also on the top.

Moreover, there are three types of SEO, White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat. White Hat is the type in which we follow all the guidelines of Google. SEO is further divided into 3 types, Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO. Onsite SEO service is in which we will do all the changes on the website, while the Offsite SEO service is the type in which we do link building of our website for better ranking. Technical SEO is now in the trend in the SEO world, Google said itself we should make our website, mobile-friendly, fast and better UX.

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To check any website, Google has 7 top-notch algorithms. Google give #1 ranking to any website by checking these algorithms. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird are on the top of the list.

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